Gratitude is the foundation of everything wonderful that has ever happened in my life. No matter what is going on around me..... if I am able to conjure up Gratitude for something (anything!) my experience shifts to more of what I desire in my life. Each day it us up to us whether we will find things that delight us or things that bring us down. I am going to be looking for the things that make me happy. Sometimes its serious and sometimes it is crazy, the things that make me happy and full of gratefulness. I will be sharing some of those things here with you all. Pass it on. People all over the world are tapping into the benefits of GRATITUDE in our lives. Create your own daily gratitude practice... whatever that may be! With open hearted love & a grateful heart ~ Leslie Indigo Alison

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I COULD BOTTLE IT UP : windows open, dinner dishes being washed, browsing etsy, and listening to disco music up high - singing along and dancing in my chair. dogs tails a waggin THIS is the MOMENT to enjoy. fall night feeling so damn good.